Tips to Make the Most of A Massage

Feel free to let me know what you want from the session. Is your main goal to relax, or are you looking for relief from a specific pain or injury?
Remember that this is your time to relax. Please let me know if you don’t like the music. I have several selections from which you can choose. I also have a variety of massage oils and creams.

When you are on the table, let your eyes fall shut, focus on your breathing, the soothing hands, the soothing lotion, and the relaxing music. Feel your body sinking into the table as your muscles unwind.


After the session, allow a few minutes to savor the results. It’s best if you can leave yourself some time to enjoy the session before you continue with the day’s activities. Drinking water after the session will help your body get rid of any metabolic wastes released by the massage.

Different Kinds of Massage Therapy Available

Deep tissue massage

This massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle than Swedish massage by directing strong, slow strokes against the grain of the muscle. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on more specific muscles than does Swedish massage -- perhaps to speed the recovery of a pulled muscle, relax tense shoulders, or soothe an old injury. I might use knuckles, soft fists or even an elbow to work on deeper muscles. This technique is especially effective on the back and shoulders.

Neuromuscular therapy or trigger point massage

Often used for pain control, neuromuscular massage concentrates finger pressure deep into individual muscles to increase blood flow and release "knots" of tension and pressure on nerves.

Neuromuscular therapy is used to control muscle spasms and other muscle-related conditions. The training for NMT Certification is a rigorous course of advance study in anatomy and physiology. 

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful "yoga massage," combining many stretches found in yoga, with traditional Thai massage techniques. This is done fully clothed on a special padded mat on the floor. Thai Yoga massage is perfect for athletes and anyone who is reasonably healthy and flexible. Ask to see photos from an actual session.

Raindrop Therapy

Therapeutic grade essential oils help bring structural and electrical alignment to your body. The technique involves applying several oils to the back using massage. It is designed to bring balance to the body with a relaxing and mild application. It can help align the energy centers of the body. Choose Raindrop therapy when you feel run-down or out of balance.

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