Top reasons to come for acupuncture:

  • PMS, Infertility, Menopause
  • Arthritis, joint pain, Back and knee pain
  • Digestive disorders, Insomnia, Anxiety/depression


Why am I unique?


I come from a massage therapy/spa background. I believe that healing takes place in safe and relaxed atmosphere. My patients come to my home office and, over time, feel comfortable sharing what’s really going on in their life. Together, we identify long-term core health issues to address and I develop a plan of treatment. And I always want to know how things are progressing in between treatments.


And then back into the treatment room. There is soft lighting, warm flannel sheets on the table, soft aromas from essential oils. After you are on the table, I enter and listen to your pulses on both arms and decide where to insert the very fine needles. You choose relaxing music or silence, and I quietly leave the room.

This is your time to gently relax into the table, to be alone and still.


To be with your body mind and spirit and let the energy or Qi move throughout your body, allowing healing to naturally unfold. Some people fall asleep, some fall into deep meditation. Many just let their minds gently drift.


About 25 minutes later, I enter quietly and remove the needles, feel the pulses and then let you take your time coming back into the world. The whole process takes about an hour. This can be the most rejuvenating hour of your busy week.

My patients report that they are recharged for the week. Their pain is lessened, stress level greatly reduced. Knotty problems unwind and solutions become clear. It seems like magic, but it’s really just taking time to be deeply with yourself.


Come - Experience Your Chi – with Christina Sarlo

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 Experience Your Chi

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Gardiner, MT 59030

Phone: +1 301 318 3245

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